Second Transnational Meeting Mantova May 2018

Erasmuslehrer Mantua

The Mantova project meeting started with the presentation of Logos for the „Diversity to Employability“ project. Each partner presented logo designs that students had prepared:

Finnland - Logo 1

Finnland - Logo 2

Finnland - Logo 3

Finnland - Logo 4

Italy - Logo 1

Italy - Logo 2

Italy - Logo 3

Italy - Logo 4

Poland - Logo 1

Poland - Logo 2

Portugal - Logo 1

Portugal - Logo 2

Spain - Logo 1

Spain - Logo 2

Spain - Logo 3

Sweden - Logo 1

Sweden - Logo 2

Sweden - Logo 3

The logo that was selected was designed by a student of Liceo Virgilio Mantova, Beatrice Fiorini, second winner was a student from Barcelona, Arnau Garcia.

Beatrice´s design is therefore the official logo of the project:


Next, 7 school presentations were shown, each introducing and characterizing one project partner school

School Presentation Poland

School Presentation Italy

School Presentation Spain

School Presentation Sweden

School Presentation Austria

School Presentation Campo de Flores

Reactions to he teching concepts presented at the project meeting in Vienna in October 2017 came in the form of videos, one or more from each school, demonstrating similar forms of teaching as common in these respective schools. 






After Mantova, the next project meeting will take place in Portugal in October 2018