Boarding School Rules

of the Theresianische Akademie for international students (16-18 years old)

    1. Daily schedule in the boarding school
      Pupils woken up:  Monday – Friday, 7am
      Breakfast: 7.15am
      Dinner: Monday – Friday: 6.20pm (all pupils must be present)
      Should pupils return from excursions later than 6.30pm, they must inform their supervisors beforehand 
      Lunch on Saturday at 11.45am
      Lunch on Sunday at 1pm (included in price)
      Dinner on Saturday and Sunday at 6pm (included in price)
      From 10pm: No loud noise allowed. Pupils must remain in their corridors and be quiet in their rooms from 11pm.
    2. Pupils must leave the boarding school wing by 8am and, before leaving their rooms, are required to tidy them up, make their beds, close the windows and turn off the lights.
    3. No perishable food in the rooms! Take-away food can be ordered until 9.30pm, if permitted by the supervisor. Packaging must be suitably disposed of.
      The following electrical appliances may be brought to the rooms and used there: radios, alarm clocks, hairdryers, small stereo systems, electric shavers.
      Fridges, microwaves etc. may not be used under any circumstances. 
      Free internet access (with printing/scanning facilities) Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 9.30pm in the IT room or at weekends by arrangement.
    4. No smoking or alcohol whatsoever is allowed in the boarding school. (Smoking is only allowed in the school’s smoking area, according to legal requirements). All smokers must also perform the so-called ‘smokers’ duties’ at regular intervals, i.e. help to keep the smoking area clean.
    5. Under no circumstances may girls host boys in their sleeping quarters, or vice versa. Pupils may visit the living quarters of the opposite sex only with the permission of the supervisors.
      Visitors may only enter the boarding school with the permission of the supervisor on duty and must show the porter a form of identity beforehand.
    6. In order to preserve all facilities in school, the following measures must be taken into account: 
      • Pupils may only enter the gym wearing sports shoes or barefoot.
      • The swimming pool and fitness room may only be used under supervision!
      • No studded shoes may be used on the sports ground.
      • Damaging furniture, floors, walls or ceilings, or making them dirty, is to be avoided.
      • Special rules of order apply in the entire boarding school area.
      • Any damage must be reported immediately to the supervisor.

    7. Rules when leaving school
      Leaving the building is only possible with the GREEN CARD showing permission to leave;
      from Monday to Thursday until 10pm at the latest (with the exception of cultural or school activities, when staying out is possible until 11pm);
      on Friday and Saturday until midnight at the latest.

    8. Weekends
      Sunday: return from weekend leave by 9pm
      (Should pupils arrive later due to transport connections, this information must be given to the supervisor in charge).
      It is possible to return first thing on Monday, if this is arranged in advance. 

      Pupils who wish to spend the weekend in the boarding school must inform the supervisor in question on Thursday evening. At the beginning of the pupil’s time in school, his or her parents must give their permission for information about the weekends to be passed on orally and must provide the name and address of the family where pupils spend the weekend. 
      Should the parent or guardian of the pupil agree (email to the supervisor in charge is required), spending the weekend with other families is also possible.
    9. Each pupil is responsible for his or her own belongings. Rooms should always be locked when empty (key deposit € 40); when pupils are in their rooms, these may not be locked from inside for security reasons. 
      Large sums of money and objects of value should be left with the supervisor.
      (Suggested pocket money: c. € 100 per month)
    10. In case of fire, or some similar catastrophe, pupils must follow the instructions of the person in charge and leave the building by the shortest marked escape route (assembly point: main football pitch). 
    11. The sick department on the ground floor of the Theresianum is open daily (Monday to Friday) from 7.30am to 7.30pm, providing medical and psychological care.
    12. LAUNDRY: laundry can be done in all boarding school sections. It is free for boys and for the MKOS 1 girls’ group, but must be paid for in the MKOS 2 girls’ group. An individual laundry service is also available – the price list can be obtained from the supervisors. 
      Bedding is provided and changed every two weeks. Pupils may use their own bedding, but are then responsible for washing it themselves. Using the washing machines and dryers is not allowed after 10pm.
    13. The school’s administrative department charges € 55 per semester for regular use of the music rooms, to cover electricity and heating costs.
    14. HOLIDAYS: during Austrian holiday periods, Lycée pupils may remain in the Theresianum’s boarding school, but receive NO food or money for food at weekends.



  • Compulsory study period in the evening: 90 minutes – if possible, immediately before or after dinner. 
  • Trial period until the end of September: the Theresianum reserves the right to annul the contract at any time in case of disciplinary problems. 
  • School checks and academic supervision: should pupils’ performance be unsatisfactory: 
  • Possibility of academic supervision after discussions with the LFV and parents