About us


The Theresianum Kindergarten

Our highly-trained and experienced teaching staff are dedicated to providing the perfect environment for the children in our kindergarten,  a place where they can both learn and play, enjoy daily fresh food from the kitchen, learn about their own traditions and customs as well as getting to know other cultures. Visits to cultural institutions such as museums and theatres, all tailored to children’s needs, complement the activities that take place in the kindergarten premises.

While encouraging the development of each child’s individual identity, we take care to integrate all children into the group, and also place importance on interaction, whether amongst the children, with the teaching staff or between teachers and parents. We seek to help the children deal with new and unusual situations within the kindergarten community 

We provide space and equipment to help the children participate in various activities, such as sport, dancing and handicrafts with materials including textiles and clay. The Theresianum’s park provides the perfect place to observe the changes in nature that take place over the seasons.