1st – 5th Forms

For the purposes of afternoon supervision, the 5th form classes belong to the lower forms (which for other school matters only  include the 1st to 4th forms), which means that the afternoon schedule is the same for all pupils in the class.

Afternoon Schedule

Basically, the afternoons consist of a sequence of periods of free time and study. The afternoon schedule begins directly after the end of morning lessons with lunch. The food is prepared in school and pupils can choose between two set meals.

During their free time, the length of which depends on what is happening during the rest of the afternoon, the pupils can use the leisure facilities in the park, a games room and, on certain days, the swimming pool and other sports facilities within the school building. Naturally, they are also permitted to spend their free time in the classroom with their friends. The afternoon supervisors are there for conversation, to mediate in conflict situations or to encourage the children to make varied use of their free time.

After the first period of free time, the first study period takes place, the so-called 'quiet period'. This quiet study period is designed to allow pupils to do their written homework and takes place once every day, lasting 50 minutes. Since the aim of homework is to enable pupils to see if they have properly understood the normal lessons, it is important that it is done independently. Pupils are therefore required to try to do their tasks in this first study period without seeking help from others. In order to provide optimal learning conditions, the supervisors make sure that it is quiet in the classroom.

After the first study period, the pupils have free time again, which includes the possibility to have an afternoon snack, served between 15.45 and 16.30.
The second study period (the so-called 'whispering period') takes place between 16.30 and 17.40, the exact time depending on the form and the class’s timetable. During this period, the pupils are required to finish any written homework left over from the first study period. In addition, they can get together in small groups to discuss what they have learned in the morning lessons, test each other or prepare presentations. If they wish, they can do these other tasks outside the classroom, for example in the school library, in the computer rooms or in the arts@media room.

In addition to the general study periods, there are tutorials for German, Maths, English, French and Latin in the lower forms. During these tutorials, nothing new is introduced; instead, the topics and material dealt with in the normal lessons are revised and practised. Participation in the tutorials is compulsory for all pupils. Should they clash with optional activities, pupils may only miss tutorials if they have attained a satisfactory level in the subject concerned and if their subject and tutorial teachers agree to this.

Pupils leave school at staggered intervals, according to their age-groups 

1st form: 17.30
2nd form: 17.35
3rd form: 17.40
4th form: 17.45
5th form: 17.50 

This system enables younger pupils to leave school quietly, while older pupils have more time to finish their work and tidy up their classrooms.

Excusing pupils from afternoon supervision

One-off cases: Parents can excuse their child from afternoon supervision by giving him/her a hand-written note to this effect for the supervisor.

Long-term cases: Pupils may be excused from afternoon supervision on a long-term basis, so long as they do not miss any actual lessons. It is also necessary for their form teacher to agree to their being excused, and their school performance must not suffer as a result. Notes of permission for long-term cases are given out by the head of afternoon supervision.