Sixth Transnational Meeting Barcelona

Institut Poeta Maragall

Saturday March 1st, - Wednesday March 4th, 2020


Meeting Barcelona

Just before the beginning of the Barcelona Transnational Project Meeting we got some sad news: our partners from Liceo Classico Virgilio, Mantova, Italy, wouldn't be able to travel to Barcelona because of Corona quarantine orders. We also heard that our partners from Campo de Flores, Almada, Portugal were not able to travel either because of physician´s orders.

Still, five schools met In Barcelona

Erasmus+Barcelona Meeting Program.pdf

Barcelona Meeting Participants.pdf

The rest of our group, two or three teachers from each partner school, met in Barcelona on Sunday March 1st. We had a very warm and friendly welcome meeting and dinner.

Meeting Barcelona

On Monday morning March 2nd we went to our school Institut Poeta Maragall.  

First in the morning the group were welcomed by the school principal. We also met the rest of the school management team.

Meeting Barcelona

After that we had presentations about the learning methods (and their trial runs at our own schools) that we learned in Gdansk last October. So we had presentations about education through sport at different schools. We could see very different approaches: some reproduced in some way the pattern the Gdansk school showed us (a small outdoor Olympiad for foster home children organized by the students). Others created special spaces to enhance social relations between the students in sports fields. All the activities showed a lot of imagination and creativity to adapt to the objective: to carry out an activity where sport and social inclusion converge.

Meeting Barcelona

4 presentations about "Integration through Sport":


Integration through Sport Austria.pptx

Integration through Sport IT.pptx

Integration through Sport FIN.pptx

Then we introduced our six students who would travel to the Mantova European week for LTT activities through Europass CV and Cover Letter. The students from Barcelona presented their CV and cover letters personally, so all the partners had the opportunity to meet them. These Europass documents were going to be very useful to present the students to their host families in the next programmed European Week in Mantova (that we unfortunately could not do because of coronavirus restrictions).

Due to data protection regulations, the students’ Europass documents that were presented in Barcelona cannot be displayed here; the Europass form plus instrucions is available at

At the same time the activities were presented, a team of students were in charge of  disseminating the events taking place at the meeting. There was a panel of information, interviews with foreign teachers, articles on the school's website and on twitter and Instagram.

Meeting Barcelona

After the first school day we had a guided walking tour of Gothic Barcelona. The 5 delegations from Finland, Sweden, Poland, Austria and ourselves, the host country, delved into the architectural beauty and rich history of Barcelona on a comprehensive half-day afternoon tour of the Catalonian capital. With an expert guide we visited some of the city’s most iconic sights.

On Tuesday March 3rd Institut Poeta Maragall's two new learning methods were presented. 

First we had a presentation about the EXIT Program with speakers from City Hall, who are in charge of the program in the city of Barcelona. 

The city of Barcelona provides, in coordination with the universities and schools, the teaching team and the materials to carry out the EXIT activity in our school. We also heard very nice students' experiences as well. 

EXIT presentation of Barcelona school: EXIT presentation  from SPAIN Barcelona Meeting.pptx

The second new method we presented and shared experiences about was Community Services (APS).

Meeting Barcelona

5 APS Community Service presentations of Barcelona School and 1 Video:






Students presented their experiences in the 5 different community services that they were involved in. The participants of the meeting shared ideas and thoughts about similar activities that could be organised in their schools in the future.

After the second school day we continued our guided tour to Modernist Barcelona. Starting point was the impressive former Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. 

After a one and a half hour stroll through the grounds of this former hospital, where we received extensive insights into the history and functioning of this hospital, we walked on to the Sagrada Familia, a large unfinished Roman Catholic basilica in Barcelona. 

On Wednesday March 4th we talked about project organization. We also began to make plans for a new project and we took up contact with those of our partners who had not been able to travel to the meeting. We should have made preparations for our next meetings as well, but in the given uncertain Corona situation this was not possible. So we were talking and speculating about the fate of our next meeting.

Meeting Barcelona
Meeting Barcelona

In the afternoon we took part in "Maragall al carrer", an amazing outdoor exhibition of educational stands on the street outside our school. All the students and teachers were involved in this outdoor educational fair. The neighbors were invited to participate in the workshops. This activity was very important for our school and our project. Local TV stations and newspapers were invited. And the school website, Instagram and facebook documented the event as well.

Meeting Barcelona

After the third school day it was time to say goodbye again.