Organizational meeting in Mantova in September 2012

Organizational meeting in Mantova in September 2012

The purpose of the Mantova meeting in Sept. 2012 was for all contact persons in all participating schools to meet and get to know each other and to prepare for the first steps in our project. The following objectives were discussed:

  1. Contact persons were instructed about the aims of the project and objectives to be achieved in the first year (see download below: “Comenius Ziele + Strategy vom Antrag.doc”)
  2. A sample school presentation was circulated, to be supplemented with similar presentations from all partner schools, to be used to introduce schools at our next meeting in front of participating students and teachers (see download below: “Sample school presentation Oct 2012 b.ppt”)
  3. A student questionnaire was developed to assess students’ attitudes towards and opinions about entrepreneurship (see download below:” COMENIUS PROJECT QUESTIONNAIRE PHASE 1.doc”) to be used in the following project meeting in Budapest in December 2012
  4. Contributions to the project meeting in Budapest were determined: each participating school will bring: 
    1. A presentation of each participating school, as an introduction in front of all participating students and teachers, based on the “sample presentation” (see download below)
    2. designs for the logo competition (see download below: "Aufruf Logo"
  5. standard requirements for these contributions were discussed
  6. The teaching of the following concepts in all participating schools was agreed on:
    1. Basic business terms concerning the founding of a company
    2.  Requirements for successful business persons (personal, educational, etc.)
    3. The present economic situation of each participating country, esp. in view of the present economic world crisis, with a special focus on our cooperation and mutual dependency in the framework of the EU.

Comenius Ziele + Strategy vom Antrag

Sample school presentation Oct 2012 b


Aufruf Logo Competition